Semolina Besan Laddus


Introduction: Semolina Besan Laddus

-Semolina besan laddus are tasty desserts prepared during festivals in india. Besan with ghee or butter gives nice flavour.


-Half cup semolina

-Half cup besan(chick pea flour)

-1/4 cup powdered sugar

-raisins and nuts

-butter or ghee

-7 to 8 tbsp milk

Step 1: Sauteing

-Take a pan and add ghee or butter to it. When it melts add semolina and roast until their is nice aroma and little change in color.Even add nuts,raisins to semolina while roasting.

-This should be done on medium flame to prevent burning

Step 2: Roast Chick Pea Flour

-Once semolina is roasted ,remove semolina and add little more ghee or butter in same pan and roast besan on medium flame till their is change in color.

Step 3: Mix Chickpea Flour and Semolina

-Once besan is roasted move it to the corner of pan add little more ghee or butter at the centre.Add roasted semolina to besan and saute on low flame

Step 4: Add Milk

-Initially i added about 4 tbsp milk and mixed everything

Step 5: Add Sugar

-Next add 1/4cup sugar and mix everything. Maintian low flame while sauteing to prevent burning

Step 6: Make Small Balls

-After sugar is added saute for few minutes and switch off the stove.

-We need to make balls when is lightly heat and not too cold.

-I added 2 more tablespoon of milk and mixed everything and made round balls by pressing with hands. Mixture will be crumbled but not dry after adding milk.


-If mixture is dry and if your are unable to form balls add few table spoon milk,mix and form balls

-Main key ingredients are milk and ghee or butter which impart nice flavour and taste

Step 7: Store in Airtight Container

-Store laddus in airtight container and enjoy as snacks



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