Picture of Text a Heart!
 Quick way to text message your love a heart! (this picture was made by me in Microsoft Word).

Step 1: 5_4_5

Cards are used to show the number of periods.
  1. Key in 5 periods,
  2. Then and underscore,
  3. Then 4 periods,
  4. Then underscore,
  5. Then 5 periods.

 If you have T9 on, it is easier to do with it turned off.

TheDevo5 years ago
My PSP is better (+[_]::)
I dunno, my DS is pretty good
That is very true, did you create it or did you find it online?
nave Trace II5 years ago
my nes controler is the best though
That is AWESOME.
J@50n (author)  TheDevo5 years ago
 i never made a PSP.
sunshiine5 years ago
Thanks for the instructable!  Mine did not turn as as lovely as yours but it will work!  Thanks again!
J@50n (author)  sunshiine5 years ago
 Your welcome.
Chromatica5 years ago
I think there is a misspell in the intro.
J@50n (author)  Chromatica5 years ago
Chromatica5 years ago
Good Pictures. It's really hard to take good ones of a digital screen.
J@50n (author)  Chromatica5 years ago
 i had a camera filter on my phone screen, which made it easier but ya, it was hard!
I know it is!
zascecs5 years ago
This is good, but isn't this easier?:

J@50n (author)  zascecs5 years ago
 this takes more time and looks better that to my just looks like packman eating berries rofl. jk, but i like this better!

i just save this to my Quicktext's and this is easier!

also this one is full screen.