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Introduction: Text a Heart!

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 Quick way to text message your love a heart! (this picture was made by me in Microsoft Word).

Step 1: 5_4_5

Cards are used to show the number of periods.
  1. Key in 5 periods,
  2. Then and underscore,
  3. Then 4 periods,
  4. Then underscore,
  5. Then 5 periods.

 If you have T9 on, it is easier to do with it turned off.

Step 2: MORE!

  1. Key 3 periods.
  2. then key a forward slash /.
  3. key 3 more periods.
  4. then key a back slash.
  5. key 3 more periods.
  6. then key a backslash.
  7. and yet again 3 more periods.

Step 3: 3-9-3

  1. key 3 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 9 periods.
  4. key a forward slash.
  5. key 3 periods.

Step 4: 5-5-5

  1. key 5 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 5 periods.
  4. key forward slash.
  5. key 5 periods.

Step 5: 7-1-7

  1. key 7 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 1 period.
  4. key a forward slash.
  5. key 7 more periods.

Step 6: 8-8 Almost , Done

  1. key in 8 periods.
  2. key in a V make sure the V is capital!
  3. key in 8 more periods.

Step 7: Make It Personal.

Make it a little more personal by writing into the hear. Remember though that 2 period lengths is equal too only 1 letter.  Here is an example, i have done.

if you have done this right and don't have a signature at the bottom of your texts, you should still have room to write a little note to you love or friends.



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    Thanks for the instructable!  Mine did not turn as as lovely as yours but it will work!  Thanks again!

    1 reply

     i had a camera filter on my phone screen, which made it easier but ya, it was hard!

     this takes more time and looks better that to my just looks like packman eating berries rofl. jk, but i like this better!

    i just save this to my Quicktext's and this is easier!

    also this one is full screen.