Text a Heart!





Introduction: Text a Heart!

 Quick way to text message your love a heart! (this picture was made by me in Microsoft Word).

Step 1: 5_4_5

Cards are used to show the number of periods.
  1. Key in 5 periods,
  2. Then and underscore,
  3. Then 4 periods,
  4. Then underscore,
  5. Then 5 periods.

 If you have T9 on, it is easier to do with it turned off.

Step 2: MORE!

  1. Key 3 periods.
  2. then key a forward slash /.
  3. key 3 more periods.
  4. then key a back slash.
  5. key 3 more periods.
  6. then key a backslash.
  7. and yet again 3 more periods.

Step 3: 3-9-3

  1. key 3 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 9 periods.
  4. key a forward slash.
  5. key 3 periods.

Step 4: 5-5-5

  1. key 5 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 5 periods.
  4. key forward slash.
  5. key 5 periods.

Step 5: 7-1-7

  1. key 7 periods.
  2. key a back slash.
  3. key 1 period.
  4. key a forward slash.
  5. key 7 more periods.

Step 6: 8-8 Almost , Done

  1. key in 8 periods.
  2. key in a V make sure the V is capital!
  3. key in 8 more periods.

Step 7: Make It Personal.

Make it a little more personal by writing into the hear. Remember though that 2 period lengths is equal too only 1 letter.  Here is an example, i have done.

if you have done this right and don't have a signature at the bottom of your texts, you should still have room to write a little note to you love or friends.



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    My PSP is better (+[_]::)

    I dunno, my DS is pretty good

    That is very true, did you create it or did you find it online?


    my nes controler is the best though

     i never made a PSP.

    Thanks for the instructable!  Mine did not turn as as lovely as yours but it will work!  Thanks again!

     Your welcome.

    I think there is a misspell in the intro.