Sending a camera to space is very simple, and if done correctly, the outcome is outstanding. It involves using a high altitude weather balloon 1200g, which holds the payload and films/ takes photos from space. I myself have done this project, and my video can be seen here. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ldzSXsLsUV4

Please pm me for a kit. Which is a lot cheaper then the one I will show you. You can expect the payload + balloon to go to 30km or 100,000 ft.

Step 1:

<p>Did you have to do anything with the FAA? My friend and I are wanting to send a simple ATiny85 controlled camera up with a weather balloon and some sort of parachute, but I'm wondering what all we might have to do so that we don't get into trouble with the FAA. ;P</p>

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