Sending a camera to space is very simple, and if done correctly, the outcome is outstanding. It involves using a high altitude weather balloon 1200g, which holds the payload and films/ takes photos from space. I myself have done this project, and my video can be seen here. http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ldzSXsLsUV4

Please pm me for a kit. Which is a lot cheaper then the one I will show you. You can expect the payload + balloon to go to 30km or 100,000 ft.

Step 1:

<p>Did you have to do anything with the FAA? My friend and I are wanting to send a simple ATiny85 controlled camera up with a weather balloon and some sort of parachute, but I'm wondering what all we might have to do so that we don't get into trouble with the FAA. ;P</p>
<p>I know it's really late, but FAA doesn't actually regulate payloads under a certain weight but you should still alert them before your launch.</p>
<p>Haha, thanks! I've replied to comments as old, and it always seems to make the person's day to finally get an answer. XD We didn't end up doing it after all, it was kinda a side project idea if we got bored. </p>

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