This details preparing a HURCO NC mill for receiving an NC file from a computer, and sending the file to the mill
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Step 1: Make sure the hurco editor is set to NC

press "auxiliary"
verify "editor type" on screen
if not valid, press softkey "change editor" and follow prompts

Step 2: Verify hurco serial port settings

press "auxiliary"
press softkey "upload/download"
verify the following settings for port 1:
Serial port 1: NOT BUSY
Protocol: LEVEL 2 (XON/XOFF)
Baud rate: 9600

Step 3: Open hyperterm on the plasma-cutter PC

hit "cancel" for new connection
load file named HURCO (COM2, 9600, E, 7, 1)

Step 4: Ready the hurco for receiving

press "auxiliary"
softkey "upload/download"
softkey "upload receive"
softkey "serial port 1"

now, serial port 1 status should say "busy reading leader"

Step 5: Send your file

in hyperterm, select "transfer --> send text file"
in the filter box, select "all files"
choose your file and press "open"

Now, if you walk back to the hurco, serial port 1 status should say "BUSY LOADING"

Step 6: Verify your file

when the hurco says serial port 1 is "NOT BUSY", your program is ready for review

You may review it with the NC editor, or you can press the "graphics" key to see a drawing of your part
ivanirons7 years ago
I am wondering the size of your Hurco mill. I have heard of them before, but never seen one. Thanks for adding to the CNC Community.
I also instruct others. I have made a number of tutorials on various CNC Projects. I like to walk people through each step during the CNC Process. I get great feedback from people just entering our cool CNC Hobby.

Here are the videos:

Then click on the link on the left.

Thanks for your contribution,
Ivan Irons