Send Anonymous Messages to School Computers NO ADMIN ACCES NEEDED





Introduction: Send Anonymous Messages to School Computers NO ADMIN ACCES NEEDED

In this instructable I'll explain how to send a NETsend to someones computer, from somone elses computer (existent or non-existent) without needing admin access.

Note: this is in the April fools contest, don't forget to vote

Step 1: Get the Program

First you'll need a program called FakeSend You can download it at, download the demo project.
I've upped it to so you don't need an account, but it's free to join codeproject anyway.
Atleast send the creater a thank you note.
Export the exe file in to your favorite folder

Step 2: Making the Batch File and Running It

Start notepad or wordpad and type the following

FakeSend [sender] [receiver] "message"

the sender can be anything (like GODS_PC)
the receiver can be the name of a real computer, or a * symbol for every computer in the network
the message can be anything

and save it as a .bat file in the same folder as your fakesend.

open the bat file and let the fun begin

Step 3: Ideas

You can probably come up with some messages of your own, but I'll give you some examples:

No pornography on school/library computers (from Admin)
if you post some in your replies I'll add them



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    is the fake send a prog that doesnt use the command prompt? becuase it is blocked on the computers at school even if i do any work arounds that i can think of...

    There is an instructable that list 2 ways to unlock CMD, the second way worked for me...
    search: unblock CMD on school computers

    it doesnt block CMD but it does something else... when ever you start it up no matter what way you do it, it pops up with a message and it says press any key to continue... and then closes when you press a key...

    Try this: @echo off command pause (type this in notepad and save as a .bat file, then double-click on it.) it opens an earlier version of CMD

    hmmm... maybe... but does it work on vista?

    If your school has vista, then you're going to a possibly wealthy school....... I cant tell you if it works on vista or not because i only know XP, sorry

    oh they only have vista in certain rooms... and i hate it... you have to do more to log on...

    Well this was a few years ago...

    Haha lucky you, we've got W98... so ghetto