Introduction: Send Anonymous Messages to School Computers NO ADMIN ACCES NEEDED

Picture of Send Anonymous Messages to School Computers NO ADMIN ACCES NEEDED

In this instructable I'll explain how to send a NETsend to someones computer, from somone elses computer (existent or non-existent) without needing admin access.

Note: this is in the April fools contest, don't forget to vote

Step 1: Get the Program

Picture of Get the Program

First you'll need a program called FakeSend You can download it at, download the demo project.
I've upped it to so you don't need an account, but it's free to join codeproject anyway.
Atleast send the creater a thank you note.
Export the exe file in to your favorite folder

Step 2: Making the Batch File and Running It

Picture of Making the Batch File and Running It

Start notepad or wordpad and type the following

FakeSend [sender] [receiver] "message"

the sender can be anything (like GODS_PC)
the receiver can be the name of a real computer, or a * symbol for every computer in the network
the message can be anything

and save it as a .bat file in the same folder as your fakesend.

open the bat file and let the fun begin

Step 3: Ideas

Picture of Ideas

You can probably come up with some messages of your own, but I'll give you some examples:

No pornography on school/library computers (from Admin)
if you post some in your replies I'll add them


girrrrrrr2 (author)2008-07-11

is the fake send a prog that doesnt use the command prompt? becuase it is blocked on the computers at school even if i do any work arounds that i can think of...

B.F.L.M (author)girrrrrrr22009-05-24

There is an instructable that list 2 ways to unlock CMD, the second way worked for me...
search: unblock CMD on school computers

girrrrrrr2 (author)B.F.L.M2009-05-25

it doesnt block CMD but it does something else... when ever you start it up no matter what way you do it, it pops up with a message and it says press any key to continue... and then closes when you press a key...

B.F.L.M (author)girrrrrrr22009-05-25

Try this: @echo off command pause (type this in notepad and save as a .bat file, then double-click on it.) it opens an earlier version of CMD

girrrrrrr2 (author)B.F.L.M2009-06-04

hmmm... maybe... but does it work on vista?

B.F.L.M (author)girrrrrrr22009-06-04

If your school has vista, then you're going to a possibly wealthy school....... I cant tell you if it works on vista or not because i only know XP, sorry

girrrrrrr2 (author)B.F.L.M2009-06-09

oh they only have vista in certain rooms... and i hate it... you have to do more to log on...

our school had win 7 everywhere!

Well this was a few years ago...

psharpep (author)B.F.L.M2010-07-17

Haha lucky you, we've got W98... so ghetto

DYLEGO (author)girrrrrrr22009-01-10

Technically speaking, no. All you need is notepad. It may look like it uses Command Prompt when you run the .bat, but it isn't. There is an ADMIN block against Command Prompt at my school, but you can work around it easily using notepad.

aj301292 (author)DYLEGO2009-01-14

my school has a block on notepad and cmd

flashcactus (author)aj3012922009-09-26

just go to %systemroot%\system32 and copy the notepad.exe and/or cmd.exe onto your thumb drive.
you could also install something like notepad++ onto the thumb driv and use it, too

Saturn V (author)flashcactus2010-08-09

My school has a Psycho-unbreakable security program. It's made by Norton. It doesn't allow acess to Windows Explorer, Notepad, CMD, C: drive, Autoruns, or anything of the sort. There is no start button or task bar. There are no icons on the desktop. All there is is a box with icons insude of it, and the school district desides the icons. The only way to acess files is to open up the program that reads that type of file, and press open. I've been looking for a way around it for a year. No matter how small a breakthrough. My goal is to get a taskbar, notepad, or CMD. Any of those, and I'm happy. But alas, it is unbreakable to me without my tools.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-10-15

can you use a usb?... wait dumb question. you cant, you are stuffed, no fun for you. the other day i turned off the computer next to me from mine! lol

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-10-15

How in the world did you do that?

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-20

well its actually very easy, when i first saw it i thought i have to do that!
1 open notepad and type
2 save it as all files not text fill and call it cmd.bat
3 type netview once you have opened it and press enter
4 it should have every computer in the system
5 now type shutdown -i and press enter
6 a little window should open and you click add and type and computer on that list
7 now in the little section that says message type any thing you want to appear on their screen
8 press ok and listen to them scream, especially if you shorten the timer so they dont have time to save their work
sorry about the delayed response, i forgot my password

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-21

I'll have to try that.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-24

have fun

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-25

Oh, I will. Trust me.
*grins mischeviously*

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-28

ha i did it again but closed it right when the teacher walked in, too close!

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-30

I'm waiting for just the right time to strike. maybe when the teacher's back is turned.

SUPERBROMO (author)Saturn V2010-12-13

my teacher never pays attention in my e-learning class so i can do it at almost any time i want YAY

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-24

have fun

T_T_ (author)Saturn V2010-08-25

are you able to open task manager

Saturn V (author)T_T_2010-08-26

Yes, but it's an altered version with only 3 buttons to press: Shutdown, Log Off, and Cancel. But this year we have a taskbar and start button. With the start button, there comes the Run window. And when i plug in my flashdrive, a Windows Explorer window pops up with all my "harmless files" on there. It's a definate improvment. Now I can play Tic Tac Toe or spam all the computers. They'd better keep an eye on me, because I'm dangerous if I'm within 5 feet of a computer. Sometimes my friends joke that I don't need flashdrives, I can control computers with my mind.

T_T_ (author)Saturn V2010-08-26

well with the run command you should be able to open anything. also if the taskmanager has the new task button you can use that too

Saturn V (author)T_T_2010-08-28

I know I can open anything with the Run window. all i need to do is to try really hard not to open any of my batch files. And what task button on the Task Manager are you reffering to? I said the only three buttons, and listed them. Task wasn't on that list.

T_T_ (author)Saturn V2010-08-28

well your school is WAY too paranoid. normal task managers have a browse new task button

Saturn V (author)T_T_2010-09-05

Now they're not as psycho-secure on their network. Now with the run window, I'm pretty sure I can perform a few felonies. I wouldn't, though. I'll stick to harmless batch files for now. No fork bombing for me.

T_T_ (author)Saturn V2010-09-09

felonies are not good

Saturn V (author)T_T_2010-09-11

No. No they're not.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-10-15

felonies are not good... for some people... what felonies do you plan on anyway? i deleted my teachers account by making myself an admin. would you call that a felony?

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-10-15

Well....I guess that would be considered hacking. I'm not sure. I'm the good boy who does all his homework and chores, and is lacking a social life.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-20

thats good, i do all my work but never get any chores, i do have a social life and im talking about facebook.

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-21

I asked my parents for a facebook, but they have the rare talent to be able to never give a straight answer to a yes or no question.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-24

i hate it when people like teachers do that! im talking to the teacher and suddenly she walks off like i dont exist, then she refuses to believe i exist! she never ever gives a straight answer

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-25

If I ask my parents something along the lines of "Can I make this?" or "Can I get some parts to do this?", they say the'll think about it, and they never say anything about it again. If I asked them "Is the sky blue?", they'd reply "Well....sometimes it's orange or red when the sun's setting, sometimes its grey from being cloudy, ...ect. ect." It's driven me half mad.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-28

ask them what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-11-30

They answer as if they were polititions.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-11-30

Do they watch any good tv shows or news?
by the way what country are you in because we probably have different tv channels?

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-12-02

I live in America. They watch most of the stuff I do: SciFi shows, CSI, and spy shows. Also House, M.D.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-12-03

WOW! i want to go to america when im older! i live in Australia, and its not all kangaroos in my backyard, although there are kangaroos in the nearby paddock.
Do you watch lost? im one of the few aussies who watch it

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-12-04

I love lost! I could never make sense of it, though.
I'd actually like to go to Australia one day. It's #3 on my list of places to go.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-12-07

what are the top two, I am annoyed because i havent seen the 6th season, i will buy it when i have enough money, ps whats your email i want to send you a game i have been making?

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-12-09

#2 is England, and #1 is Japan. My email is

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-12-10

ill send you the game you just need to go to
to download the program to run it. i promise you it doesn't have a virus or anything like that. normally you have to pay $20 for the full version but here you get it free have fun! ps i would have sent you an exe of the game but gmail doesn't let me send it :(

Saturn V (author)nick45082010-12-11

Thanks! I'll download it now.

nick4508 (author)Saturn V2010-12-12

i just finished sniper assassin today! i think its good, i send it to you

nick4508 (author)T_T_2010-10-15

they should be paranoid we are dangerous!

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