Picture of Send/Save Arduino sensor data to the internet
Send and save data generated from sensors on your arduino to the internet, by uploading them to GribLinks

You simply create a new "Chirp Channel" then have your Arduino send its data to the channel.
Once you have a steady feed of data you are also able to make it public and share the sensor data with others on the internet.
GribLinks also allows you to generate HTML code, which you can place on your web site.

Say you have a mini weather station that that is recording temperature,wind , air pressure ect ect,
incorporating this instructable into your project you can send those recording to the internet.

If you have a door which you wish to monitor it can send a status update,

In this instructable  I will show you to send your Arduino sensor data to the Interweb!

What you need
1 Arduino UNO
1 Arduino Ethernet Shield connecte3d to your network

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Step 1: Create a New Message Chirp Channel

Picture of Create a New Message Chirp Channel
You now need to create a chirp channel in which your arduino will be sending its messages.
Look at the images to see how to do this.

Once you have created the channel take note of the channel ID number which is displayed in front of each channel
in the channel manager list.

Step 2: Download edit then upload your sketch to your arduino

Picture of Download edit then upload your sketch to your arduino
On the main menu of, click [Downloads]
Then download the StatusUpdateV1_0.ino sketch file, and open it in the Arduino Sketch Editor.
Give it an IP and change the Email, Password and message and Channel number Once done, upload the sketch.
The channel number will be the number which you have taken note of in the previous step, its important otherwise this will not work.

Currently the sketch is a bit basic and the message the arduino will be sending is hard coded,
But nothing stops you from changing it, by sending data from variables

if I am using sim900, is there any way to modify the sketch? thank you :)