Introduction: Sending SMS With Arduino || TC35 GSM Module

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In this small project I will show you how to use a TC35 GSM module properly and how to use it with an Arduino Uno to send a SMS with it.

Step 1: Watch the Video!

This video gives you all the information you need, so you will not destroy the TC35 while you use. I will give you some additional tips in the next steps.

Step 2: Get Your TC35 GSM Module!

Step 3: Download the Schematic and Sketch!

Picture of Download the Schematic and Sketch!

Make sure to get the connections between the Arduino and module right by using my schematic. And don't forget to upload the code/sketch to the Arduino

Step 4: AT Commands?!

Here is the site where you can find all the AT commands for the module:

And also a manual for the board:

Step 5: Success!

Now you should be capable of sending SMS with your Arduino.

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RezaR46 (author)2017-07-25

please can you help me, because i cant control relay with arduino and TC35 but the sms already to read

MiniKey (author)2017-07-19

where could i get a SIM card for this project?

jassuah (author)2015-08-03

please can you help me because i cant receive the sms but will display success

WaiB1 (author)jassuah2017-04-11

Change the line "Serial.begin(9600);" and "mySerial.begin(9600);" to "Serial.begin(19200);" and "mySerial.begin(19200);", respectively. Then on the serial monitor, select the options "carriage return" and "19200".

resad indipa (author)jassuah2016-11-17

check your number

Michael JohnG (author)2017-03-04

how to send a message??

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