For all you Sennheiser PC350 owners out there who find the headset lacking bass there is the following mod.
I did not come up with the original idea, but it was lacking a proper instructable.

I recently bought a new soundcard and while the sound output was superb, I found the headset itself was lacking some bass.
stumbling the web I found that there were some users that modded the casing of the drivers with a couple of holes which would greatly add to the bass from the headphone.

At first I didn't believe it, but because I could always close up the holes again I decided to give it a shot.
The reason it works is because the PC350 is a closed system, adding the two holes allows the air to flow more, adding more bass response. This is however at the cost of fidelity. Which is the reason I decided to close mine back up.
Maybe I originally made the holes too big, I will address the sizing in the instructable itself.

**NOTE: opening up your headphones voids your warranty, if you do not want this then this instructable is not for you**

Step 1: Tools Needed

Tools needed:
- Small phillips screwdriver
- 2 mm drill
- Cordless drill
Alternatively, you could heat up a paperclip, or small screwdriver tip, then use it to melt a hole. This way, you don't have to worry about shavings getting in to your driver. <br> <br>I'm excited to do this mod, but since I got my pair refurbished I will wait until my warranty is up to try it.
A small soldering iron or any of your suggestions would work. <br> <br>However, you will definitely be pushing material inside during melting. <br>A drill-bit is designed to extract chips from the part. <br> <br>It's just a matter of slowly inching the last drilling parts and not forcing the drill in. <br>Let it do it's work. <br> <br>When you hit exactly the right amount of pressure and drill-speed you get these nice curls of plastic coming out of the hole, this is what you're aiming for. :)
As an audio engineer I have to say that there is too much emphasis on bass in today's world. :)
True,like I said in the instructable: I closed the holes I made, because it was just too much. <br>This is definitely a mod for those bass lovers out there (and there are quite a few). <br> <br>Still I would've liked this set even more if they had just a tad more bass. =)
Have you tried adjusting the EQ? If it's just a little adjustment, that can be done from the EQ. (Or maybe you already have that turned up all the way?)
EQ is already adjusted
Ahh... Oh well. I figured that if you knew to add &quot;vents&quot; you would probably know about the EQ... but it never hurts to ask! ;)

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