Sense-arise Automation for Home

Electricity at your Fingertips

Hello Geeks, Aspirants, Tech enthusiasts, students, and learners! We are back with our Second Project with different Components in a fruitful aim to save electricity. This might be similar to the one we see in hotel rooms or resorts many areas .Follow our steps clearly in order to Make the project work on your end too.We would like to thank the authors from whom we referred to our RFID Code as we are beginners in RFID.

Arduino Project Hub (Our Refernece ): https://create.arduino.cc/projecthub/Aritro/security-access-using-rfid-reader-f7c746

Step 1: Things Required (Hardware and Software )

Hey Guys ! These are the stuffs required to make this project . We have given the Amazon Link for each and every Product and link for software too .


  1. (1 nos )Arduino UNO (with R3 Cable)
  2. (1 nos )Relay (2X Switch )
  3. (1 nos )Bulb ( For prototype )
  4. (1 nos )Breadboard
  5. (as required ) Wires
  6. (1 nos) RFID RC522 reader


  1. Arduino IDE

You have got to be kidding me. YOU DON'T POST THINGS WITHOUT SAFETY HAZARDS WHEN WE ARE TALKING ABOUT HVAC. And where in the world I connection diagram?

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