Introduction: Senseo Coffee Without the Pods

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I ran out of pods for my Senseo coffee maker.  It was very difficult for a while to find them in the stores. This is my easy, no extra purchases, way to get by.

You only need your coffee pot, some coffee, small filters and the deep pod holder.

Step 1: Folding the Filter

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I put in 2 heaping tablespoons, about 3 ounces. Press the filter and coffee into the pod holder. I try to put as much as the holder will take.

Step 2:

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Start folding in the sides to come in just inside the lip of the holder. You don't want it to let steam escape. Keep rotating and folding until its done.

Step 3:

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The rest is just like normal, just hold down the filter as you close the lid. If it tries to pop up, just hold it down until you have to slide your finger out from under the lid.

Step 4:

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It comes out creamy, just like the pods. The best thing about this way, you never have a shortage of coffee. You can always get great coffees this way. Senseo has such a limited variety now.

I will applogize now for some pictures being turned like that.


dragon74 (author)2014-01-04

Does this work with the pods? I can't believe there's no instructable for reusing pods!

btmarney (author)2013-06-06

Impossible to find around here anymore. How did I not think of this?! Thanks!

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