Step 2: Form the Base

Fold one of the strips in half; it might already have a crease.  Thread the needle and poke it through both layers of rubber near the fold.  Slide the rubber strip down the thread, leaving about a four inch tail.  Repeat with a few more strips; I used thirteen here.

Pull both ends of the string together so the strips form a tight circle.  Pull tightly and tie, but don't snip the string.  You'll notice that, due to the knot, some strips are closer together than other strips.  Wrap the string tightly around the ball between strips that are close together to help space things out more evenly.
sure you're recycling, but are you certain the rubber isn't leaching chemicals into your child hands?
Minimal chance of this happening. The rubber is vulcanized, which means it is heated and most of the bad chemicals are removed from the rubber when that happens.
That is one cute kid you have.
heh, cool!
Homemade koosh ball. neat.
Your photography and instructions are great. I love this idea.

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