Hey guys, Today I would like to show you how to make a simple sentry turret out of household Items! You would only need to get an Arduino UNO or Mega, a Ping))) Ultrasonic Range finder, two servos, and an electronic water squinter! The rest of the project is things that you may find around your house and recycle!

Contest Age Group 13 - 17

Submitted by Newton Labs for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

Step 1: Supplies!

Laundry detergent bottle (E.G. Tide...)
Laundry Detergent Cap (of the detergent bottle)
Tin Can (E.G. Evaporated Milk, Beans...)
Some sort of a flat building Material (E.G. Cardboard, Poly Carbonate sheets...)
Arduino UNO or Mega
an extra RC cable Connector
1 180º Servo Motor
1 Servo motor you can rip apart
1 Electric water squirter
Ping))) Ultrasonic Range Finder
<p>Just a heads up.</p><p>Version one of the code will not compile for a Leonardo or UNO as the &quot;map&quot; function takes up too much dynamic memory and may only be usable on a Mega</p><p>Reducing it to [116][9] might just about work ?</p><p>Version 2 compiles fine</p>
WOAH, this is sooo cool and it is super easy to build!
Don't be afraid to post comments about your experience. Ask questions, I am willing to answer.
nice <br>how about a video?
ok sure
Cool. I think I am going to build this.
Thanks alot :D

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