Sentriduino! Its the all new Sentry turret made of recycled things you would find around your house!

Picture of Sentriduino! Its the all new Sentry turret made of recycled things you would find around your house!
Hey guys, Today I would like to show you how to make a simple sentry turret out of household Items! You would only need to get an Arduino UNO or Mega, a Ping))) Ultrasonic Range finder, two servos, and an electronic water squinter! The rest of the project is things that you may find around your house and recycle!

Contest Age Group 13 - 17

Submitted by Newton Labs for the Instructables Sponsorship Program

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Step 1: Supplies!

Picture of Supplies!
Laundry detergent bottle (E.G. Tide...)
Laundry Detergent Cap (of the detergent bottle)
Tin Can (E.G. Evaporated Milk, Beans...)
Some sort of a flat building Material (E.G. Cardboard, Poly Carbonate sheets...)
Arduino UNO or Mega
an extra RC cable Connector
1 180º Servo Motor
1 Servo motor you can rip apart
1 Electric water squirter
Ping))) Ultrasonic Range Finder

Step 2: Step 1: Making the turret turn.

Picture of Step 1: Making the turret turn.
First you will need your Laundry Detergent Cap. Cut 2 parallel slits to fit a piece of your building material through to hold up the water gun. Next make two holes so that your servo can be connected to the turning piece. Now screw the Servo to the platform. You should now have a place to put your gun, on top.

Step 3: Step 2: Making the Electric water gun work.

Picture of Step 2: Making the Electric water gun work.
First grab the servo you are willing to rip apart. Unscrew it and take out the electronics, before cutting the motor off of the old servo, be sure to remember where the motor was. Next take out your soldering iron and solder the two wires of the motor of the water squirter to where the old motor was. If your servo is either continuous or wont start, ajust the potentiometer until the squirter works accordingly.

Step 4: Step 3: Attaching the Gun.

Picture of Step 3: Attaching the Gun.
All you really have to do for this step is securely tape the gun onto the top of the detergent cap.

Just a heads up.

Version one of the code will not compile for a Leonardo or UNO as the "map" function takes up too much dynamic memory and may only be usable on a Mega

Reducing it to [116][9] might just about work ?

Version 2 compiles fine

samtsa2 years ago
WOAH, this is sooo cool and it is super easy to build!
simonfrfr (author) 3 years ago
Don't be afraid to post comments about your experience. Ask questions, I am willing to answer.
akinich3 years ago
how about a video?
simonfrfr (author)  akinich3 years ago
simonfrfr (author)  akinich3 years ago
ok sure
samtsa3 years ago
Cool. I think I am going to build this.
simonfrfr (author)  samtsa3 years ago
Thanks alot :D