Step 6: Step 5: Main Base

Now get your big detergent container, and make a hole in the area that the little press nozzle is, make it big enough so that the can can be put there. Now before putting the can in, make a hole in the can and grab the servo motor's cable, you will need to connect that to the Arduino later. after getting the cable, glue the can to the detergent container.
<p>Just a heads up.</p><p>Version one of the code will not compile for a Leonardo or UNO as the &quot;map&quot; function takes up too much dynamic memory and may only be usable on a Mega</p><p>Reducing it to [116][9] might just about work ?</p><p>Version 2 compiles fine</p>
WOAH, this is sooo cool and it is super easy to build!
Don't be afraid to post comments about your experience. Ask questions, I am willing to answer.
nice <br>how about a video?
ok sure
Cool. I think I am going to build this.
Thanks alot :D

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