Picture of Separate Egg Whites Easily
two containers (at least one with a thin edge)
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Step 1: Crack egg on side

Picture of Crack egg on side
Take your egg and sharply tap the side (long side) of you egg on the edge of your container.

Tip: do not tap too hard or the whole egg will break open.

Step 2: Turn egg over

Picture of Turn egg over
After making the small crack in your egg, turn the egg over so the crack is on top.
Hold the egg over container to hold egg whites.

Step 3: Crack open egg

Picture of Crack open egg
With the crack on top, place your thumbs in the crack.
Gently pull the two sides open by increasing the crack.

Step 4: Catch yolk in one side of egg shell

Picture of Catch yolk in one side of egg shell
As you are cracking the egg open, tilt one egg shell lower to catch the egg yolk.

Step 5: Pour back and forth

Picture of Pour back and forth
Pour the egg yolk carefully back and forth as you let the egg white fall into the egg white container.

Step 6: Pour out egg yolk

Picture of Pour out egg yolk
Once all of the egg whites have fallen into the egg white container, pour the yolk from the egg shell into the egg yolk container.

Now you have your egg white and egg yolk seperated, repeat for and additional eggs.

Step 7: Tip: Collect missed egg yolk

Picture of Tip: Collect missed egg yolk
If the yolk cracks open during stes 4 or 5, some yolk might gets into the egg white.
If that happens you can attempt to scoop the yolk from the egg white by using a yolk free egg shell. 
The egg shell does a much better job capturing the yolk than anything else.
St Jimmy3 years ago
I've always used this method for separating eggs, and I can vouch for it! I admire your photos, they're very clear.
MsJan St Jimmy2 years ago
Same way I have done it for the past, hmmmmmm 55 or more years. Photos were nice.
mimilover033 years ago
or you could just use a funnel.
sanjay1173 years ago
Dear Mommy
Mommies are never silly!
Buck up !
Thanks a lot