Step 3: Water and Salt

Picture of Water and Salt
Water alone is not a very good conductor. You need to add some sort of electrolyte. Regular old table salt works fine. Add as much as will dissolve into the water, and don't worry about it if there is some sitting on the bottom, it really doesn't matter. Pour this salt/water solution into your med. container, and also fill your 1 or 2 gas collecting containers
magesing2 years ago
Note: if you use NaCl (table salt) as your electrolyte, you will make more Cl2 (chlorine gas) then O2 (oxygen gas). If you are trying to make oxygen, this is not the correct choice of electrolyte. also node, you do NOT want to breath in chlorine gas.
mDey4 years ago

I'm doing this as a science project - can I do this with SEAWATER?