Step 5: The Electrodes

Picture of The Electrodes
Now take the two electrodes leading from your power source. The hydrogen will form on the positive electrode, and the oxygen on the negative. If you don't know which is which, turn on the power source and stick the electrodes in the water. The one with more bubbles is the hydrogen. Now stick the electrode underneath the gas collecting container. (turn off the power first) If you're having trouble making the gas collecting container stay up, and the electrode stay in the right place, tape it. Thats what I do anyway.
Dantex8 years ago
Hydrogen is negative and oxygen positive.
GrantB1 Dantex2 months ago

Yes, Dantex is correct. Seems that there are several of these instructables that claim hydrogen comes off the positive (anode), but its the cathode (negative). Someone needs to do their homework before writing these.

Thank you dantex!I was beginning to have a bit of confusion because the diagram appears to be backwards in respect to the anode and diode

Hydrogen bubbles are tiny it's the smallest atom

Oxygen Bubbles are larger if you don't see Oxygen switch to a pencil lead (Graphite) instead of wires into the fluid.as copper wires will give you a green muss at the bottom of your container as the oxygen leaves with some copper on board for the ride :)

salt is NaCl! so in water that green-yellowish coloured thing is chlorine! DO NOT BREATH THAT GAS! MAKE'S YOUR LUNGS LIKE A WET SPONGE AND THAT MEANS A SLOW BUT PAINFULL DEATH!
They're both ionic salts. NaCl produces Cl2, baking soda produces CO; what makes NaOH the salt of choice?
P.S. if you want to make O2 and H2 using electrolisys use caustic soda(NaOH) instead of salt ;) sorry if i'm making any mistake. peace
beatles15 years ago
i just did this in sience today and our teacher told us that when u add salt the oxygen is turned into chlorine and the negative makes hydrogen and the positive makes oxygen/clorine.
soyers6 years ago
But your diagram shows the opposit,whith one is correct?
cathode is negative and makes hydrogen, the diagram is wrong
you re rong cathode is positive
Can you collect both oxygen and hydrogen like in the diagram showed with the negative and positive electricity?
Hockeyhero47 years ago
Dantex, do you switch the wires too? is it supposed to be negative with positive, or positive with positive?