Picture of Separating an Egg
A basic cooking skill- separating the yolk and white from an egg. An indispensable skill, and very easy to master. You'll note that the shell cracked terribly irregularly- some eggs don't perform well under pressure- and yet it still worked.

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Step 1: The separating process- in video

Watch and learn:.

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TRIPLEC6 years ago
wow, never thought it would be that easy..thx
LasVegas8 years ago
The shell cracked very irregularly because you improperly cracked the egg against a sharp edge and "all around." If you watch a professional, you would note that an egg is properly cracked by striking it once against a flat surface, such as the table.
mje (author)  LasVegas8 years ago
While you may have been told that, in fact, actual practice will show you that where you crack it makes absolutely no difference at all. This was from a batch of organic eggs with unusually thick and hard to crack shells. All of them cracked irregularly.
LasVegas mje8 years ago
No... I've actually tried it and learned the technique from professional fry cooks.
Now now children. Dont you realize you are fighting about how to break an egg?
mje (author)  Sgt.Waffles8 years ago
Yessir, Sgt Waffles! It is rather childish, isn't it? But some people just have to be right all the time. Like me, for instance. ;-)
lemonie mje8 years ago
My thoughts were "nice simple example of a basic and essential cooking skill, but he made a bit of an arse of it". You had two bowls, why did you not rap the egg (once) on a bowl? It would have looked much neater and more professional. I'm certain that you've cracked more eggs than me in your time, but I would never try using wood, because I know it's a poor substiture for a hard rim. (just puzzled, no offence) L
mje (author)  lemonie8 years ago
A laminated rock maple cutting board, is one of the hearder things you'll find in a kitchen.
lemonie mje8 years ago
Harder than I thought, I suppose. I'd give it a go myself, but I don't have the right bit of wood... perhaps I should get one L
Sgt.Waffles mje8 years ago
HA! by have the "sgt." in my name, i practically command respect. I could get used to it. There is no "wrong" way to crack an egg. As long as its open, and you can pull out the unfertilized baby chicken, your good.
I don't believe either of us qualify as children and I didn't see any indication of a fight.
Im sorry, an argument.
Gthing 2.08 years ago
This is cool where wer u in in homeec.