Picture of Septic tank easy access
If your septic tank is buried, this will give you easy access covers level to the ground. You can even mow over them...

Step 1: Dig and frame

Picture of Dig and frame
The top of the septic tank needs to be dug up. Than you start making the 2x6 wood frames that go around each cover alowing 2 inches of space around the cover, I used preasure treated wood and deck screws. There are 2 frames of 2x6 wood stacked ontop of each other (4 frames in all).
lemonie6 years ago
How do you lift these? The original concrete lids had a bit of wire embedded. L
reddragon (author)  lemonie6 years ago
Well I guess you could use a flat bar or something similar, to slide it off and lift the slab, than you get to the original cover with the wire. I haven't quite figured that out yet...
I'd hope you wouldn't need to, but if that were the case you'd cover the thing completely and cut turf if you did. I think of nylon straps laid underneath, with the ends just poking out enough that you can pull them out of the gap enough to lift? Otherwise you'd be taking lumps out of something and spoiling the look. L
canida6 years ago
Nice job - I love the fact that they're driveable.