Step 2: Foil

This disc will spin and complete the circuit to light the LEDs on the other disc.
If you are using conductive ink, skip this step.

First, trace a circle in the foil.
Next, cut it out (carefully as foil has a tendency to tear).
You will need to cut two out.
Then, cut out a hole in the center of each circle.

Cut out two smaller ones to fit inside the larger ring (leave some room between the smaller one and the ring).
Dear sir, <br>I need a simple circuit with a single LED which will blink at a rate of 10 times per second. <br>But it will blink for three different times duration with three different interval. For example; <br> <br>-------------------- (20 times blink in 2 seconds, then 2 Second gap/pause) <br>---------- (10 times blink in 1 second, then 1 Second gap/pause) <br>----- (5 times blink in 0.5 second, then 0.5 second gap/pause) <br>then the process is repeated continuously until disconnecting from power.
I would suggest using a microcontroller such as an Arduino for that kind of project. Without a microcontroller, I can't think of a way to implement that without a very complex circuit.
Sorry about the blurry pictures. My camera isn't very good.
awesome 2 get the LED out contestants in knex section. I got a circuit kit once (awesome snap circuit set) i wasnt much of a fan with the led light..
interesting. you should put knex as a key word.

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