Sequin Bag DIY





Introduction: Sequin Bag DIY

Upstyle an old wallet or bag with this permanent and simple technique!

Step 1: Watch the Video Tutorial Here!

Step 2: You'll Need

Clutch or wallet in need of an up-style

Large gems

E-6000 Glue

DecoArt Dazzling Metallics (in a matching color)

Multi-color sequins


Old paintbrush

Step 3:

Pick a color of DecoArt's Dazzling Metallics to match the wallet

Paint it and let it dry

Squirt on a generous amount of E-6000 glue and spread it around with an old paintbrush

Sprinkle on the sequins and pat them in place

Continue until the entire wallet is covered and then fill in the holes

Add a large gem to the closure, let dry and you're done!



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    hi Mark I am a beginner crafter and if you can suggest books thank you

    Here's a link of my favorites.

    It looks like the are plastic gems in there too (with the sequins)-- do you have to place those by hand first?

    Hey cpr, there are only sequins on the bag and one large gem on the clasp. Just make sure to paint it first. If you're only using one color of sequin, then paint it the color of the sequin you're using so it looks full.

    It's the only way to make them permanent.....That I've found anyway! Merry Christmas Danger!