Picture of Sequin Christmas Ornament
Every year for Christmas I like to make my uncle an ornament. He's a huge Oregon Ducks fan, so my ornaments tend to be ducks themed. This is one of my favorite types of ornaments to make because you can choose whatever colors or shapes you like. Although it can take a while to sew on all of the sequins, every step is easy and the end product looks great.

Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Decide on what shape or pattern you want for your ornament. I chose to make a Christmas tree with the Oregon "O" on it. Pick out the appropriate colored felts and get small beads and sequins that match the felt colors.
Here's the full list of stuff you'll need:
My nephew is a Ducks fan as well, I think I know what he'll get in his stocking next year. I think I'll make a Beavers ornament for myself as well. Gotta love a little rivalry. :)
Dude940271 year ago
Wow. I'm in. How do I get a dozen of these?
jyh943031 year ago
Beautiful!!! I can't image a more wonderful and thoughtful Christmas gift. I will have to make a Cal Bears ornament next year for my SO...Go Bears!
Oh cool! It looks great!