Introduction: Sequin Pocket Top: Up-cycled Shirt

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Turn any plain shirt into a trendy sequin pocket top.

I have seen many people wearing these shirts and after doing a little research I found out they go for anywhere from $50-$150!!  Sounded a little expensive for me.  So I added a sequin pocket to an old black tank top and now have a chic shirt!

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

Picture of Gaining Inspiration

Step 2: Materials

Picture of Materials

Old Shirt
Sequin Fabric - this can be expensive, but just get a little swatch of it and its super cheap!
Fabric - light weight, non-stretch, color of the shirt -  usedas a pocket liner
Sewing Machine

Step 3: Cut Fabric

Picture of Cut Fabric

Cut liner fabric and sequin fabric in the same shape.  You can cut it what ever shape you want, I wanted this standard pocket look.  Cut it 1/2"-1" larger than you want the pocket to be.

Step 4: Trim Sequins

Picture of Trim Sequins

When sewing sequin fabric you need to trip the sequins along the sewing path.  For this project trim all the sequins with in 1/2" of the edge of the pocket.

Step 5: Sew Pocket

Picture of Sew Pocket

Pin sequin fabric to the liner fabric and sew them together along the edge.  Once sewn together, fold the edge under a little less than 1/2"and sew the edge down.

Place pocket on shirt and sew the pocket to the shirt using sewing machine.

And there you have it.  Super simple to make and lots of fun to wear!


aconti1 (author)2011-04-19

How do you think this would look if you simply added sequins to an existing pocketed tank? The pocket doesnt sit low like these and isnt oversized, but I feel like it would have the same effect...

1samna (author)aconti12014-05-13

if you know how..then yes, it should work ....any pattern plans?

BadPam (author)2011-01-30

Ah, looks awesome!

Carleyy (author)BadPam2011-01-31


Kiteman (author)2010-11-29

I like that, if for no other reason than it sticks it to the over-priced "designer" ranges.

Speaking as a hand-bag-less male of the species, though, I'm not sure how useful that pocket is - how many screwdrivers can it hold?

valhallas_end (author)Kiteman2010-11-29

Sew a few super magnets into the inside of the pocket, and boom - instant tool catches. Just reinforce the back with some denim or similar strong material. That way, you don't risk your shirt's integrity.

It's funny - my university picks up these trends so fast (seemingly before they begin), but I've never seen this one. But I agree with Kiteman - I can't believe the ridiculous prices the labels charge...

BestThing (author)2010-11-29

Very nice! Must be a new trend now :)

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