Turn any plain shirt into a trendy sequin pocket top.

I have seen many people wearing these shirts and after doing a little research I found out they go for anywhere from $50-$150!!  Sounded a little expensive for me.  So I added a sequin pocket to an old black tank top and now have a chic shirt!

Step 1: Gaining Inspiration

How do you think this would look if you simply added sequins to an existing pocketed tank? The pocket doesnt sit low like these and isnt oversized, but I feel like it would have the same effect...<br>
<p>if you know how..then yes, it should work ....any pattern plans?</p>
Ah, looks awesome!
I like that, if for no other reason than it sticks it to the over-priced &quot;designer&quot; ranges.<br><br>Speaking as a hand-bag-less male of the species, though, I'm not sure how useful that pocket is - how many screwdrivers can it hold?<br><br>
Sew a few super magnets into the inside of the pocket, and boom - instant tool catches. Just reinforce the back with some denim or similar strong material. That way, you don't risk your shirt's integrity.<br><br>It's funny - my university picks up these trends so fast (seemingly before they begin), but I've never seen this one. But I agree with Kiteman - I can't believe the ridiculous prices the labels charge...
Very nice! Must be a new trend now :)

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