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We had a sequins ornament on our Christmas tree when I was little and I was just thinking about it recently. I decided to see if I could make one myself! The design will vary, but here are the basics for making your very own sequins and bead ornament! It really looks wonderful with the Christmas tree lights :)
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Step 1: What you'll need

Picture of What you'll need
(Specifics will vary.)

  • Sequins - use size and color of choice. I got the variety pack shown which had 5 colors in 4 different sizes. I organized them all (because I'm crazy) and used the ones I designated as the "large" which were about 5mm or 7mm.
  • Sequin Pins (they are flat ended 3/4 inch pins)
  • Seed Beads
  • Styrofoam Balls (I used 2 1/2 inch, but use what you want/can find)
  • Ribbon (I'm really sad this didn't start with "S")
  • Glue (optional)
  • Marker
Danger is my middle name made it!1 month ago

I made some Halloween-themed versions :)

It was super fun!


These are super awesome!!!

Thanks! You really inspired me!

Fikjast Scott10 months ago

Great step by step instructions. Fantastic looking photos.

Can u post more? Please
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  eva_maree_dixon11 months ago

Oh, I plan to for next Christmas! My younger brother showed me Poke ball ones I want to do, and of course there are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! I also have a ribbon and sequins one I finished for Christmas but didn't get written up and posted on time :( That will be up for next Christmas too!

sydneyhauss11 months ago
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  sydneyhauss11 months ago

Thanks :)

leimenchan1 year ago
It's great idea!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  leimenchan11 months ago

Thanks :)

jim08251 year ago
Very nicely done. (By the way, if it really bothers you: *Satin* Ribbon :-) )
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  jim082511 months ago

That so works!

So sparkly and pretty!!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  marcellahella11 months ago

Love sparkly!

Chikpea1 year ago
WHOA. A sight to behold. :)
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  Chikpea11 months ago

Thank you!

Awesome beautiful and sooooo pretty....
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  anukarpuram1 year ago
Thank you!
Wow, what a great job you did! It's beautiful!!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  lindarose921 year ago
Thank you!
So sparkly!!
Penolopy Bulnick (author)  AngryRedhead1 year ago
Very! Looks great on the tree!