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Introduction: Serenity Blueprints

Hello Lovely people, 

I made a wooden model of serenity from the tv show firefly about 2 years ago... unfortunately I don't have a photo of the finished project. and the person I gave it to moved away. but i felt like i could just post my drawing of the blueprints  and eventually build another ship 

hopefully you like the drawings :D 

the sketches are roughly to a scale, measurements may vary depending on size you want. this makes a model roughly the size of a loaf of bread. 

I apologize if the pictures aren't the greatest quality, they're photos from my phone taken of my sketch book (and some of the lines aren't drawn very thick)

1st is a side view (arguably the best pic), 2nd-3rd is a top view, 4th is the engine bits, 5th is the thrusters, 6th is the cargo bay bottom and side view,  7th is the cabin and the feet



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    Can you make this available in a graphic format (PDF, SVG, PNG)?

    Yeah :D I could do that... I just don't know how... I'm new here haha

    let me know how and sure I'll release it

    Click on "add images" and then select the blueprints from your hard drive.

    Um...when I hit the edit button on this instructable, the only option is to upload images, and I did that from my computer. so I don't know what else I could do... not really tech savy sorry

    Click on edit instructable.

    Then you should see a tool bar with "add image" and a couple of other icons. One of the icons is a paperclip for attached files. Click on that and then embed file. Then you can select the blueprint files from your local hard drive.