HI! friends i wanted to burn bootloader on a avr chip but i don't have any avr programmer so decided to make one of mine. This programmer don't needs any kind of driver to be installed, just plug and program using PONYPROG.

  • Can program Atmega-8, 168, 328 and similar chips.
  • Has an socket for the resonator use according as per your requirement.
  • Very small in size
  • Has also ICSP pins to program the chip in a circuit just use a cable.
  • Just place the chip in the socket or use the icsp pins for programming.

Step 1: Making PCB

Here is the simple way to make your own pcb's at home at the cheap. I used photopaper and taken a laser printout on glossy side of the paper.
How to transfer the image on copper board:
  • place the toner side on the cleaned and cutted copper clad board.
  • using iron tranfer the image
  • pour paper into water so that paper can be pealed out easily.
  • i used hydrogen peroxide(H2O2), and hydrochloric acid(HCl) mixed in ration of 2:1.
  • drilled holes using my self made drill.


First of all solder the resistor and zener diodes then transistor, then ic socket and at the last sold the db-9 port.

Step 3: Use the Programmer.

I used my USB-2-TTL board to power my avr icsp board, u can use external battery or any other power source as per your requirements.
Contact me for any help.
Email : dishendramishra@gmail.com
Phone. no. - +919013668839
Country: India

Good luck ....................
<p>puedo usar un filtor resanador en vez del cristal resonador</p>
Way are there two boards? You don't mention the second one in the beginning.
I mean Why are there two boards?
Actually second board is usb2ttl i used it's output power pins to power my programmer board.
that's very useful thanks!!
Very nice work Dishendra. <br>I have a very small suggestion to further improve your board. You could get one of these quick connect sockets and put in place of the standard socket. Those things are pretty cheap and very handy since you only have the AVR in the socket to program it. <br> <br>
Thank you for the appreciation. It matters me a lot.
Actually i planned to use the ZIF socket but the market is far away from my house so i used the simple ic socket coz i am 16 years old and i can't go chandi chowk (famous market in delhi) alone.
I think this layout is okay as long as the uc pins conform to your layout. I also see that you have actually removed the ISP header as berg strips which can be connected to any other arbitrary avr. what kind of programming speeds do you get? for example a 5kb program would take how much time to be written to the uc?
According to the port data band settings if at (9600 bits per second) it will take a maximum a minute.
Sorry I forgot the link to show an example in my last post: <br>http://www.adafruit.com/products/382 <br>Keep up the good work.

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