Picture of Serpent Scarf w/ Pocket
I made this scarf to store my gloves because they always fall out of my shallow coat pockets. This fun little monster has a pocket/pouch in its mouth that clasps shut and keeps your small belongings close by.

You can make the pocket from scratch like I did or use an existing coin purse/pouch if you'd like.

Serpent Scarf w/ Pocket Demo from Angela M. Sheehan on Vimeo.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials

* Fleece - I chose 3 colors, one for the mouth pocket, one for the body, and one for the belly.

* Felt (assorted colors) - for making eyes, legs, wings, and whatever cool features you'd like your serpent to have.

* Purse Frame - You can find lots of styles on Etsy or at a fabric store (though Joann Fabrics only sells them online I learned today). I got mine from a thrift store coin purse -  you can use pliers to remove the fabric and leave just the hardware. Next time I make one of these I'll try a rounded frame, it is more of a 'serpent' shape. 

* Thread (assorted colors if you want to match your felt/fleece).


* Marker/Pencil - for drawing your pattern

* Pins

* Needle  - for hand sewing finishing touches.

* Sewing Machine

* Scissors

* Flathead Screwdriver - to help push the fleece into the purse frame. You could also use the end of a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper.

* Pliers (optional) - you may need these to bend the purse frame to hold the fabric tighter.

Step 2: Make the 'mouth' pocket

Picture of Make the 'mouth' pocket
Place your purse frame on the fleece you chose for the mouth. Draw a pocket shape that flares out from the edge of the frame. Mark where your purse frame hinge meets the pocket shape.

Cut two, pin together and sew up to your purse frame markings (see 4th picture).

billhorvath4 years ago
Nice! Using the purse closure mechanism is a very clever idea.
 nice original creation! i love it!

What a cute idea!