I made this scarf to store my gloves because they always fall out of my shallow coat pockets. This fun little monster has a pocket/pouch in its mouth that clasps shut and keeps your small belongings close by.

You can make the pocket from scratch like I did or use an existing coin purse/pouch if you'd like.

Serpent Scarf w/ Pocket Demo from Angela M. Sheehan on Vimeo.

Step 1: Materials


* Fleece - I chose 3 colors, one for the mouth pocket, one for the body, and one for the belly.

* Felt (assorted colors) - for making eyes, legs, wings, and whatever cool features you'd like your serpent to have.

* Purse Frame - You can find lots of styles on Etsy or at a fabric store (though Joann Fabrics only sells them online I learned today). I got mine from a thrift store coin purse -  you can use pliers to remove the fabric and leave just the hardware. Next time I make one of these I'll try a rounded frame, it is more of a 'serpent' shape. 

* Thread (assorted colors if you want to match your felt/fleece).


* Marker/Pencil - for drawing your pattern

* Pins

* Needle  - for hand sewing finishing touches.

* Sewing Machine

* Scissors

* Flathead Screwdriver - to help push the fleece into the purse frame. You could also use the end of a small pair of scissors or a seam ripper.

* Pliers (optional) - you may need these to bend the purse frame to hold the fabric tighter.

Nice! Using the purse closure mechanism is a very clever idea.
 nice original creation! i love it!
<p>What a cute idea!</p>

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