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Hey and welcome to my instructable in this instructable I will teach you how to make claws and a serrated sword using the same materials. That means you can turn the claws into the sword whenever you want! Let's get started!!!
As I do not know the right terms for the folding I have done detailed pictures so you can follow them!!!

What you will need
• 9 sheets of A4 Paper

Step 1: Making the Swords Handel

Picture of Making the Swords Handel

Get an A4 sheet fold it in half and then again, again and finally again make 2 of these

Step 2: Making the Main Parts

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Get 1 sheet of A4 paper fold the top corner down half way and they other top corner down half way to make a triangle. Now you fold the two bottom corners up as seen in the picture. After that fold the bottom of the sheet up to make a triangle. Fold the triangle in half, then fold it again as seen in the picture. Fold the other side over the top of the folded up bit and then fold the point in so it slides in. Push open the section with you finger and presto! Your done.
Now mass produce

Step 3: Putting on the Claws

Picture of Putting on the Claws

Slip your finger into the bottom opened section and you now have a claw!! You can make as many as you want to cover your hand.

Step 4: Creating the Sword

Picture of Creating the Sword

For creating the sword you will need 7 of the claws to make a "normal" size dagger as you can see in the pictures you slide each of the claws into the hole (NOT THE ONE WHERE YOU PUT YOUR FINGERS) once you have put all the claws together slide one of the handles into the section where you would put another claw. If you want to make the Handel more sturdy get the second flip the sword over and slide the Handel into the other side of the claw if you don't under stand look at the images


imoestly (author)2014-08-19

I used to make these when I was a kid and pretend I was sabertooth =)

seamster (author)2014-08-19

Nice! These look fun, and pretty easy to make. Thanks for sharing this!

The man of origami (author)2016-02-10

I will change my name now

The man of origami (author)2016-02-10

I love this stuff it to is awsume but it could be clearer

trexslayer4 (author)2015-10-23


trexslayer4 (author)2015-10-23

This is coooooooolll!!!!!!!!!!

Puffycheeses (author)2014-08-20

Are the instructions clear enough?

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