I bought a used Webasto Air Top 2000 D on ebay for use in my RV project "Hal The Van". Shortly after installing the heater it started smoking badly. I decided to take it apart and clean it to see if that would fix the problem. It did. I documented the steps I took in disassembling, cleaning and reassembling this diesel fired heater. WARNING: I've never done this before nor seen it done. I've had no training on the subject so basically I have no idea what I'm doing. Copying anything I show here will probably void whatever warranty you have on a similar unit. Since the unit uses both electricity and diesel fuel there are all kinds of ways to hurt yourself if not careful.

The Webasto AirTop 2000 D is a type of electrically operated diesel fueled space heater. These are found in large trucks, RVs, construction equipment and boats. They are popular in tractor trailers because the truck's cab can be heated without having to run the engine. Depending on temperature settings a unit can run 24 hours on  less than a gallon of fuel.

There are two different German companies that have most of the market for this type of heater between them. Webasto is one and Eberspächer is the other. In this country Eberspächer markets it products under the name Espar. New units are pricey but there are usually some used ones for sale on ebay. These heaters are also available in a gasoline/petrol/benzine fueled version but since those are more popular in Europe they don't show up as often for sale on ebay. On this side of the pond the diesel fueled version is mostly used.

Step 1: Start Disassembly

Create a cradle for the heater from and old base plate and two pieces of scrap wood. Mount the heater onto the base. Use a flathead screwdriver to pry off the Electrical Connection Cover. This exposes the top of the Control Unit.The wires run into the X6 Connector. Unplug the X6 connector from the Control Unit. There is no connector lock so it should just slide off. Notice the X6 connector is keyed with two ridges along one side and one ridge on the opposite side so it can only be inserted one way.

Remove the Heater Air Inlet and Outlet Covers.
There is a trick to getting the cover off. Lift up on either side of the cover just enough so the small lip clears the edge. Then slide to the side. It will release. Do the same for the Outlet Cover. Remove the Upper Housing Shell.
There are four tabs (two per side) that secure the Upper Housing Shell to the Lower Housing Shell. Squeeze above the tabs on the Upper Shell while pushing on the tabs with the screwdriver. It will pop right off.
I have a webasto air top 2000 St and in trying to figure out the wiring. I don't have a controller for it and I'm trying to figure out how I can use it without having to buy an expensive controller. Any suggestions?
<p>Complete schematics are online. The controller is just a led, on/off switch and potentiometer. It wouldn't be too hard to wire up an equivlent. </p>
Amazing and extremely helpfull instruction-thanks.

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