Servicing the Wiper Motor on a Honda Civic 99




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Introduction: Servicing the Wiper Motor on a Honda Civic 99

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The wiper motor on my car simply stopped parking itself and also the intermittent feature failed. I suspected the travel contacts within the motor assembly to be the source of the problems.

Step 1: Pop the Hood and Remove the Wiper Arms

Using a 14mm socket and rachet handle, I removed the hold down nuts securing each wiper arm. To remove each arm, just swing the wiper away from the windshield and pull outward.

Step 2: Remove the Cowling

Using a flat blade screwdriver, pry out the plastic pins securing the cowling. Also twist ninety degrees the bottom locks. Starting at one end, flex the cowling outwards and remove.

Step 3: Protect Your Dogs.

The plastic pins I removed actually broke and flew into the garage area. This is due to sunlight degrading the material. Little did I know that one of my doggies found these pins quite delicious. Fortunately she is fine but in the future i will pay special attention to such debris.

Step 4: Take Off the Wiper Motor Gear Box Cover.

Unclip the Electrical connector. Using a Philip head screwdriver I removed the four screws on the cover. Lifting off the cover revealed much gunk inside.

Some years before I had lubricated the gears but as you can see putting too much grease is a bad thing. An important note to self.

Step 5: Clean the Travel Contacts.

Using purple blaster degreaser I carefully cleaned out all the grease until the contacts and tracks on which they travel were spotless.

Step 6: Cover Up the Wiper Gear and Reassemble.

I used power lube to lubricated all moving joints. You can use as much as you want. Reinstall the cowling and secure the wiper arms. Tighten the 14mm nuts with sufficient torque (don't reach the Point of applying brute strength).
At this point testing of the serviced wiper motor is a great idea. The park and intermittent features both worked perfectly. Success!
Lastly I slipped on the wiper blades.



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    Well done...easy to understand and very helpful...thanks.

    1 reply

    Well done...easy to understand and very helpful...thanks.

    Nice work! Glad you were able to get your wiper motor working again.

    Also glad to hear your dog is ok!

    1 reply

    Hey thanks for those positive comments!