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I wanted to improve my welding skills, so I decided to build a Serving Cart.
Fortunately there was an upcoming event the following week, where it could be used.

By "Improving my welding skills" I mean: I hadn't had any welding skills so far at that moment.

So I thought I give it a try...and ordered an electrode inverter/welder.

Step 1: Preparation

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I bought some iron bars, cut them in length and grinded the edges.

Then it was time to do my first weld seams - I was positively surprised with the results.

Step 2: It's Time to Weld

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Next: first weld joint...second weld joint.........LAST weld joint!


Step 3: Coating

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Two black coatings by brush - it was laboriously..

Step 4: Wooden Plates

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Luckly I still got some timber at home. So I cut them in length, glued them together and an old man
out of my town (can't remember his name) was so nice helping me to sand the wooden plates in his workshop.

I oiled them and adjusted all together - et voila!

Step 5: Et Voilá

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It was lots of fun building it and I increased my welding skills a lot.

Looking forward to welding something else!


seamster (author)2018-01-10

This turned out really nice. Very elegant little cart, nicely done!

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