Introduction: Serving Tray

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This serving tray is made from cherry and big leaf  curly maple veneer, but could be made from any combination of hardwoods. The overall size is 14 ¼” wide and 19” long. The height is 2 ¾”. The thickness of the sides is ½”. The bottom panel is 3/8” thick.

Step 1: Making Templates

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This project requires making 2 templates to shape the sides of the tray.

Step 2: Making the Panel

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The bottom of this serving tray is made from hand-cut veneers. In this case, I used western big leaf curly maple. The process for cutting the veneers and making the panel are detailed in the step-by-step instructions.

Step 3: Shaping the Tray Frame

Picture of Shaping the Tray Frame

The sides and ends of the serving tray are shapped using templates and a router table. Detailed instructions on how this is accomplished is detailed in the step-by-step instructions.

Step 4: Step by Step Instructions

The attached PDF files provides comprehensive details on how to make this serving tray.


sagonzal (author)2015-07-15

Simply impressive. The high detailed and quality of the instructions are also of merit. Huge thanks for the inspiration!.

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