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Introduction: 3D Servo Cart and Wheels

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This is a 3D file created in Sketchup that provides a chassis for 4x Sparkfun Large Full Rotation Servos.
The dimensions are 14cm x 9cm x 4cm. The holes are meant for 4-40 screws.
I am hoping to make wheels for it as well on a 3D printer instead of using standard servo wheels that you can buy.

The wheels attach to a servo horn instead of directly to the servo. It is 6.5mm wide with a diameter of 70mm (roughly 2.75inches).

The stl viewer is a new find that I really like. Check out Pleasant3D

The stl and skp files are attached in the zip file.



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    I hope to make a fleet of these into a group of autonomous rovers that will have a number of sensors on them to preform various tasks/challenges like finding their way out of a maze.