Introduction: 3D Printed Servo Driven Tracked Rover W/suspensions (self Tightning Belts)

Picture of 3D Printed Servo Driven Tracked Rover W/suspensions (self Tightning Belts)

There are ment to be glued on some rubber square`s at the flat side of the tracks to make more friction, but thats optional.

Step 1: What You Need:

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Step 2: STL Files

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You need 33 track pieces per belt.

This is also at Thingiverse

Step 3: Print Settings

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  • Rafts: No
  • Supports: No
  • Resolution: 0.2
  • Infill: 25%

Not all STL files are right side up, you may have to rotate some of them before you hit print.

Step 4: Assembly

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  1. Start by fasten the front to the middle part, use 2 self tapping screws and glue.
  2. Fasten servo with servohorn tap heading forward.
  3. Screw in the back parts thrught the hole in part.
  4. center and fasten the servohorn to gear, fasten gear to servo.
  5. screw on side skirts
  6. use 3mm filament, burn the end and stump them flat. do this at both sides, make it tight.
  7. Assembly bearings to back part, suspension pins and wheels.
  8. Sand suspension pins to fit the chassi, they have to turn pretty free. use grease.
  9. secure the back suspesion pin with a wide head screw.
  10. Fasten wheels to suspesion pins.
  11. Fasten back wheel (all wheels are assembled bearing turning out)
  12. Set in the springs, easiest if you set it in the chassi first.
  13. Assemble belt, use the filament trick. 33 tracks per belt. you can change belt tension by changing wheels to smaller or bigger ones. (depence on what springs you have)
  14. assembly the last track when belt is stretched on place, and last chain over the gear, makes it easier
  15. Ready to connect to RC, arduino or what ever you like :)


mingshuncao (author)2016-11-13

Lynlimer brother can i give me a this machine code pls my student work need you

Lynlimer (author)mingshuncao2016-11-13

STL files are included.
There is no arduino code, if that`s what you need.I use an ordinary rc rx

mingshuncao (author)Lynlimer2016-11-15

where can find rc RX brother

i can't find

Lynlimer (author)mingshuncao2016-11-15

here are an affordable TX with a RX included, 2,4ghz 6channels ;)

mingshuncao (author)Lynlimer2016-11-19

thanks you help brother

mingshuncao (author)Lynlimer2016-11-14

Thanks brother

Lynlimer (author)2016-09-05

you need 16 bearings MR105zz 5x10x4mm

2 standard size servo

6 m5x25

2 selftapping screws with wide head M4,2x25

2 selftapping screws phillips M4,2x13

for the selftapping screws you can use screws for wood or plastic.

they do not need to bee exact the length i linked to, those are just the length i used :)


no need to be sorry, im not so good my self ;)

Lynlimer (author)Lynlimer2016-09-05

I forgot the springs :P
6 springs from ballpen`s, if you deside to buy them, buy some stiffer springs with same diameter ;)

I have a spring kit from a local hardware store, i found mine in that kit :)

AndriusJ3 (author)2016-09-05

Can you help me with parts what number of parts i need sorry for bad english

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