Servo Positioning


Introduction: Servo Positioning

This project will utilize the Arduino Uno micro controller, a micro servo, and 4x4 matrix keypad to create a system in which the keypad will accept a character press from the number pad and use that number to set a specific servo position.

What you will need:

- Arduino Uno

- Micro Servo

- 4x4 matrix Keypad

- Wires

Step 1: Connect the Keypad

Follow the diagram shown and wire the keypad to the pins on the Arduino. I have the keypad wired to Digital pins 2 - 9.

Step 2: Connect Micro Servo

Follow the diagram shown and wire the micro servo to the pins on the Arduino. The servo needs to be wired to GND and 5V, and I have it wired to Digital 11.

Step 3: The Code



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