Picture of Servo Squirter - USB Water Gun
A USB controlled servo water gun. Great for firing at unsuspecting passers by, or keeping people with annoying questions at bay.

This project is a small water pump mounted on top of a servo for directional firing. The whole thing is driven by a microcontroller, and controlled from your keyboard over USB.

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Nerdz6 years ago
I like this idea. I saw on make a couple days ago about someone hacking one of those USB missile launcher things, and now Ive been wanting to do the same with a automatic airsoft gun (one of the cheap electric ones for less than $20), of course, without the USB. It would be awesome if you could use a PIR sensor to track a target or even cheaper would be to use a IR transistor and a IR LED. For those who use a PIC, setting the CPP and PWM registers will work also. For a 4 Mhz clock the lowest Freq you can use is 250Hz, so set your duty cycle appropriately. hmm I wonder if this can be done with A Nerf Gun..but Nerf Guns require pumping..Hmm