Introduction: Servo With Keypad Entry

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This project is part of my final for CSCI 1200.

The purpose for this project is to create a keypad that the user will enter 3 numbers into. The servo will then go to that position, provided the number is in the range of 0-180. Any of the other buttons will make the servo to go 0.

Step 1: Get Parts

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The parts for this project is an Arduino Uno, a 4x4 membrane keypad, a servo, and jumper wires.

Step 2: Connect Keypad

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Wire up the keypad using jumper wires. The left pin on the keypad will go to pin 9 on the Arduino and the wiring will continue down to pin 2 on the Arduino.

Step 3: Connect the Servo

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Connect the brown or ground wire to the ground pin on the Arduino. Then connect the power or red wire to the 5v pin on the Arduino. Connect the last wire to pin 10 on the Arduino.

Step 4: Upload Code

Upload the code to the Arduino. Once the code has been uploaded, press 3 buttons on the keypad to go to that position.


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