This candy didn't come from nomal me as I don't have a sweet tooth. It was created by motivation to win the Italian Food Contest and love for using sesame seeds in food like the Italian sesame cookies during Christmas time. The result is pleasantly surprising. It may have turned me into a candy eater if all candies are so nutty, so healthy, so easy to make.

To Try this for yourself, you'll need:

1 Mango (I used yellow), peeled, pitted,
1 Orange, peeled, all white strings removed
200g Apricot, sliced

1 package white sesame seeds

Non stick flat bottom pan
Baking pan or sheet (need 2)
Non-stick parchment paper
Kitchen sissors

Step 1: Toast sesame seeds

The difference between a cook and a good cook is the difference between sesame seeds and toasted sesame seeds. So toast the seeds first.

I used a GE brand rectangular electric frying pan. The bigger the quicker. Set heat at medium. Stir constantly until sesame seeds slightly changed color. Quickly remove the seeds from the pan and set aside to cool. Once cool, store the seeds in an airtight container and use it often and a lot.

I toasted a lot of it, a whole 1lb salt can (recycle, reuse, reduce!).
I haven't seen it anywhere before. It was inspired by the motivation to win Italian Food Contest, love of using sesame seeds in cooking and the color sense at the moment.
Good question. It seems Italian people do eat all the ingredients there. There are similar italian candies in different forms made of fruits. I don't know if there is exact thing in Italy.
It seems delicious, but is it italian?
Yum! Sounds like a great fruity combination!
Looks good! The only problem I have here is finding the sesame in large amounts. I've been trying to get it but can't find it.
Your local grocery store bulk section should have it. If not, Chinese grocery stores have it. Nuts.com has it. Good Harvest Market should have it. Try a mexican grocery store too. I live in Wisconsin, Pick n Save has it in bulk section.

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