Step 2: Basic Setup - Installation

Run the installation executable downloaded in the previous step. The setup is quite easy. Make sure you read it instead of just clicking Next at 100 miles per hour.

A few things I'd like to point out:
  • Check the box saying "Disable vulnerable Windows services over Hamachi", this stops other members of your network from looking at your shared files.
  • Use the Non-commercial (free for personal use) license unless you: a) Own hamachi. or b) Want to use the trial. It's alright if you use the trial, it just reverts to the free version after it runs out.
  • Make sure everything installs properly (see last screen below).
 ya, me too.
new hamachi came out this instructable no longer works unless you post a link to an old download...
Hey, me again, im a bit confused of the process, um does hamachi itself have a port that needs to be forwarded, and if so where do you do it , and where would you forward the game ports? im not quite sure of what the term forwarding means exactly, any help would be appriciated :)
when i press alt to see the tool bar thing i don't see advanced... i only have file edit view tools and help (oh yeah seems like i don't see favorites too. i use vista >.>
umm i can't see that advanced thing on the status and configuration.. >.> i use premium
Hello, this guide helped alot with setting up a lan, i could browse and view and stuff... but games still dont detect each other over lan. I've been through many forums... and the problem seems to be something to do with ports... something like "each game has unique ports for lan" and hamachi doesn't allow them through. any ides would be greatly appretiated :)
Hi Sekrmao. Make sure you're hamachi port is forwarded, aswell as setting the alias's on both hamachies. Forwarding the game's ports might be a good idea, Google "<GAMENAME> Ports" to find the ports that need forwarding. What games are you trying to play?
hey can you run ham on a lan
Yes, you can. soz for delay

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