Set up Port Forwarding for a Minecraft Server - AT&T Uverse

Picture of Set up Port Forwarding for a Minecraft Server - AT&T Uverse
I am writing this assuming that you have already set up a server on Minecraft and you just need to port forward it so everybody outside your LAN can connect to it. I will show you how to do this on a AT&T Uverse router. By the way, this is my first Instructible. 

I have always loved Minecraft, and ever since i got it i thought it would be so cool to be in charge of my own server. A boring day and a stupid emachine later, I had my own Minecraft server. At first it was really cool just logging on to it, but it wasn't any different or better than a singleplayer world because I was having difficulty setting up port forwarding on my Uverse router and nobody seemed to know how. My dad and i took a weekend to work on it and by Monday it was up. I would like to pass his knowledge on to you and show you how to get a server on the air.
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Step 1: Open Config For Router

Picture of Open Config For Router
First, open up command prompt by going to Start and typing "cmd".
Second, type "ipconfig" and get the connection-specific DNS suffix.
Third, go to any web browser and type it in.
MCS21 month ago

it keeps saying errors when i try to add minecraft. Help?

cmaulden3 months ago

Thanks for the in depth tutorial, but i have ran into some issues. The server runs and I can connect to it. The problem is getting other people to connect to it. I'm stuck and i do not know what to do