Picture of Set up a Server in Minecraft
Hello, I am going to show you how to set up your own server in Minecraft.

Step 1: First get the software.

Picture of First get the software.
First, you need to get the software for the server from http://www.minecraft.net/download/ .

i still dont get it

DerpP1 month ago

I cant find the op file. any help?

Nikylebennett7 months ago

I CLICKED THE LINK AND IT SAID "NOT FOUND The file public download does not exist"

Me too!!!

Hi Open First minecraft.net you will see download here and click it you will direct to minecraft.net/download and you will see the server in bottom

try this one: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/554-how-to-port-forward-your-minecraft-server-with-pictures/page__p__5310#entry5310

lakerman751 month ago



coollysa1 month ago

uhhh im trying to make a server but i really dont know how...

Even though I'm 10 and i don't have minecraft YET I still needed to know this thanks!

10 Years Old ?? Im 10 Years Old But I have minecraft and i have a server

mrmath4 years ago
If I do this, can I play the full Minecraft, where I can build and create things, or am I still limited to the unpaid version where I can only walk around and destroy blocks?
josh1324 (author)  mrmath4 years ago
this is for the full paid version. Not the free one.
hintss josh13244 years ago
and you need the full version to connect to the server
kentsisi hintss1 month ago

Hi! You Can Play without premium account .. Follow me

1.Open Server.properties file open w/ notepad

2.Find Online Mode change it to false and save it

3.Have Fun!!

AkiuL mrmath6 months ago

But you still can connect to premium servers even if your not paid yet.

open your demo minecraft then play the demo world. then press ESC and click open to lan then allow cheats turned to on then type gamemode 1 then type /tp your email 99999 99999 9999 there and it will show up a window then click close and add a server!! WORKED FOR ME! I CAN PLAY ON THE HIVE NOW! THE problem is your name will be your email!! :)

Tien LocN AkiuL4 months ago

nice try to troll people

DreadedG4 months ago

my ops keep on resetting and not working

Not Working? Open you console and type op[space]your ign


op kent

Thats It

lakerman751 month ago
Hakija BakiP2 months ago


Hakija BakiP2 months ago

oh man i just got a server and in my server are today 1000


djkaye3 months ago
sshipway4 months ago

This only works before version 1.7.8. After that, the file is held i JSON format.
To add someone as an op, you go to the server console, and give the command 'op playername' replacing 'playername' with their minecraft player name. This will update the ops.json file appropriately

HowDude8 months ago

But cont do it online -=[Why]=-?

willchat1 year ago
What type of computer? Windows or Mac?
josh1324 (author)  willchat1 year ago
Elena60072 years ago
tofujofu2 years ago
How do i get more RAM. It won't work. :(
josh1324 (author)  tofujofu2 years ago
Just buy a ram card and insert it directly into your computer (I think it ges into he motherboard)
I took your advice but the problom is minecraft can't open the F***in server. it shows this error message every time:

Internal client error: java.net.SocketExeption: Permission denied: connect

can anyone help???
josh1324 (author)  The cameraman3 years ago
Did you properly forward the port?
vishalapr4 years ago
Finally someone appreciates mine-craft! I love the game!
you don't even know how many people play minecraft.
b1gdamnhero4 years ago
Is it a bad idea to set up a server on the same computer I use to play? It seems that could be rather CPU intensive and I don't want to fry anything.
josh1324 (author)  b1gdamnhero4 years ago
i don't know about it being bad for the cpu, but it definatley will slow down the internet.
NatNoBrains4 years ago
My server:
Under construction !!!
DJ Radio4 years ago
You do realize you could put everything in a .zip file, and forwarding your port just depends on your router settings.