Before we start, this is my first instructable, so any feedback would be great, thanks.

This instructable will show you how to set up your PSP to be used as a Second Monitor on your PC. This can be helpful in many ways, for example watching a tutorial on the psp and doing it on your main monitor, or simply moving your media player out of the way.

Step 1: What You'll Need

For this little project, you'll need:
- a PSP running a custom firmware above 3.71 [I used 4.01 M33-2]
- PSPDisp by Jochen Schleu
- A USB Cable

My PSP is a Phat PSP with 4.01 M33-2. I haven't tested this on a slim or any other firmware, so I'm not sure how well (or not) this will work on other setups.

From the PSPDisp Readme, you'll also need:
- a PC running Windows XP 32 bit (it will not work on 64 bit versions or Vista, it may run under Windows 2000 but this is untested)
- a suitably fast processor, for comparison:
-> 25 % CPU load on single core Pentium 4 3.06 Ghz
-> 40 % CPU load on single core AMD Athlon 64 3200+ (2.2 Ghz)
It should be fine on any modern PC.
Dude your awesome tnx
i have three psps at home mine and my brothers' so can i use multiple psps and did any one test it on slim
it works now, thanks !
This has been posted before and I have used this software before. However, I think this is laid out and written excellently.
dude this is so cool and works 100% good job!
Thank's for the Info.<br>PSPDISP 0.6V<br>I tested in CFW 5.00m33-6<br>Toshiba AMD ATI Radeon WIN7 32-64 Bits<br>now i have 2 Screens, 1st for normal (1366x768) and 2nd for Gadgets (800x600)<br>I can increased the Resolution in 2nd, but the PSP display has seen better in 800x600 with 480x272. And if you have only 2 nucleos this resolution come perfect.<br><br>and i add a 3rd display with another PSP, but sometimes the WLAN disconect too shortly.
good job! nice for a first instructable, very informative and helpful.
Cool guide, my PSP already had custom firmware, just downloaded the program and it worked instantly :D. Anyone who has worked with psp firmware installers and apps knows that they aren't always this simple haha.
:( data corrupt
You have to have a hacked PSP
and how do you hack it?
It all depends on what model of PSP you have and what firmware. Some infoo here: http://wololo.net/wagic/hbl/<br>More info can be found by searching around on the web. There are some PSP hacking forums that have threads on that subject.
<p>Help Help i don't know how 2 put a custom frimware on my psp 1000 series.<br /> i have downloaded frimware version 4.01 M332.rar<br /> please help thanks</p>
same problem but with the psp 3000
For those who dont know you cant put CFW on the 3000.
it works quite well on my 800MHz windows 2000 computer next i am going to set it up over the wlan
i mean windows 2000 computer because it came with windows 2000 now it has windows xp
800 MEGA HERTZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT'S SO SLOW! LOL. GHz generation.
Im offended,take that back! Really,800MHz is NOT slow(unless if your running windows 7(even though it runs surprisingly well )). I have Google sketchup pro(don't ask) and it runs really well Also my PC has 512MB of ram Its pretty good and i am very satisfied,but i tell ya 4MHz is SLOW
Thats only in beta and encredibly hard to get ahold of. I might have it very soon though
Have What? What is In beta?
windows 7 is only in beta.
Oh,Who says its hard to obtain? ;)
how do u download it? I went 2 the website but cant find out how to get a username
Ah,You gotta register,Its Easy,Once you register At Microsoft It solves Everything. To register you Need an Email Address,You can Make up your street address,I put 123Fake street :P
&nbsp;i got the full version, it was released a few months ago, but i see ur comments r from may 19 2009, so thats probly y u said demo/RC, just saying
No.RC came out.
Windows 7 Is not Hard to obtain,In fact,I am Downloading it right now ;) It has actually been Released(legaly from microsoft) Half a year ago,At about january 9
when i run the program on my psp it says the file is corrupt what should i do
If it has official firmware, then it will not work.
&nbsp;Where do i get the firmware you used?<br /> <br />
BAD&nbsp;FISHY!!!!!!!<br />
cant get the enable icon to light up in the start menu on the PC. and when I go in to the PSP and run the program it says "corrupt data game will will not start" Looks like a kewl idea wish I could get it working.
how did you get the psp driver to show up as a 3rd monitor? mine wont recognize it.... it displays normal, but what is yours showing in the first picture?
ok i Have Vista 32 bit and it installed perfectly, but on the 5th step, i can not set it up as another display. Vista can not detect it, but it is following my mouse. Please help!!
im having that problem as well, except on XP. It follows my mouse but thats about it. I is just a mini mouse following copy of my normal desktop
wait, my ridiculous computer magic came through, and it is now working 5* man!<br/>
Sorry,It should Not work With vista At all
are you serious?
Well Mostly. He is Lucky it Worked Bare Minim In the first place
new up date should work info on site.
he is right it will copy any monitor just not give you extra
nope it doesnt work
thanks mate this is awesome. =]&lt;br/&gt;<br/>
I guess you cant put custom firmware on a psp 3000, o well i had my hopes up
Hi I followed the tutorial and it has worked But the screen is way below the desktop. How do i get it so that i dont have to drag the item way below the desktop on the PC Cheers PSPWilly

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