Picture of Settin' Up The Grill With Uncle Pappy
In this fancy new tutorial, Uncle Pappy demonstrates a mighty fine way to set up your BBQ grill. Just in time for the grillin' season!
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Step 1: The Tools Of The Trade

Picture of The Tools Of The Trade

BBQ Grill
Grill Scrubber
Wooden Matches
Discarded Paper
Charcoal Grill Chimney

Step 2: Preparing The Grill Top

Picture of Preparing The Grill Top
With your grill scrubber, scrub the grill top to get any greasy chard gunk off.

Step 3: The Chimney

Picture of The Chimney
Place your chimney into the center of your grill and rest it on the coal rack. Then load the chimney with charcoal.

Step 4: Stuff The Chimney

Picture of Stuff The Chimney
Stuff the bottom of the chimney with wadded up pages of discarded paper.

Step 5: Fire It Up!

Picture of Fire It Up!
Using your fancy wooden matches, light the paper through the holes in the bottom of the chimney. Let the coals heat up until they have become ash colored, then carefully dump them into the grill.

Step 6: Replace The Grill Top

Picture of Replace The Grill Top
Now that the coals are piping hot, you will need to use caution when you replace your grill top. Uncle Pappy uses his fancy tongs to help him carefully place it back on the grill without burning his eyebrows off.

Step 7: Get To Cookin'!

Picture of Get To Cookin'!
Now get to cooking!

Step 8: Chow Down!

Picture of Chow Down!
Chow down and enjoy your summer!

Step 9: Please Enjoy The Video!

Picture of Please Enjoy The Video!
Uncle Pappy made a tutorial video for you to enjoy, thanks for watching, and have a great BBQ!

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stephenf1 year ago
Yup, Chimneys - used to make 'em out of empty coffee cans (in the days before propane).

And people wonder why clowns scare little children! ;^)
sk8er65 years ago
hahahaha. never seen the chimney before... might have to use one next time.
blightproductions (author)  sk8er65 years ago
Yeah, if you grill more than once a year, or really at all, the chimney will make your BBQ life 100% more fulfilled!