Picture of Settin' Up The Grill With Uncle Pappy
In this fancy new tutorial, Uncle Pappy demonstrates a mighty fine way to set up your BBQ grill. Just in time for the grillin' season!

Step 1: The Tools Of The Trade

Picture of The Tools Of The Trade

BBQ Grill
Grill Scrubber
Wooden Matches
Discarded Paper
Charcoal Grill Chimney

stephenf2 years ago
Yup, Chimneys - used to make 'em out of empty coffee cans (in the days before propane).

And people wonder why clowns scare little children! ;^)
sk8er65 years ago
hahahaha. never seen the chimney before... might have to use one next time.
blightproductions (author)  sk8er65 years ago
Yeah, if you grill more than once a year, or really at all, the chimney will make your BBQ life 100% more fulfilled!