Setting Diethyl ether on fire

This is how warning I suggest no more that 5 ml of this it is highly flammable. I also highly suggest goggles and fire resistant gloves. 

Things that you're going to need one glass beaker a small ,bottle of diethyl ether and something to measure the milliliters that you are putting into the glass beaker you also need matches I suggest long matches so you have time to get your hands away from the flames for the Diethyl ether ignites.

kymyst3 months ago
I am astonished that any teacher would have given this assignment to their students. It is a flagrant violation of standard laboratory safety practice. Allowing students set fire to ether on an open classroom laboratory bench top is ridiculously stupid and dangerous. Ether is notorious for starting major laboratory fires because its heavy, invisible vapour spreads rapidly along bench top surfaces to quickly cover a wide area with highly inflammable fuel. Even a few drops spilled on the bench will generate a dangerous vapour trail. Any ignition source, even a tiny electrical spark, will instantly ignite the whole area in a sheet of flame. It is for this reason that all workplace laboratories require ether to be handled within a flameproof fume hood, with all sources of ignition in the laboratory extinguished. No insurance company on the planet would insure them for fire and accident if they did not have these safety rules. So when your school laboratory burns down, hopefully without anyone being injured, the fire investigators will have no hesitation in charging your teacher and the school administration with endangering life and property through gross negligence.
I would suggest that your headmaster should be informed about the dangers of this experiment immediately. An essential part of proper education in chemistry is understanding the risks associated with handling chemicals and how to minimise them. This seems to be missing from your school's curriculum.
kymyst4 months ago
I must be missing the point. Why would anyone need to do this, and even if they did, why would they need instructions ?
sciencecat (author)  kymyst3 months ago
It could be used as a science experiment. Also this was part of a project I did for school.
sciencecat (author) 4 months ago
I also highly suggest goggles and fire resistant gloves.

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