Step 5: Place Your Color Bowls

Hang or place your color bowls in their desired locations and water them well being careful to water on the soil and not directly on the flowers themselves.
I'm a weekend gardner and would like to thank you, I get a lot of great ideas from you.
You do nice work, I really like this one DebH.
You go girl
Nice job!
I like the color combination of flowers you chose for you hanging basket.
Thanks Hsmom
That's neat, Debra.
Thanks Im4
I love pretty hanging baskets;)
Thanks Chauntee
You have done an excelent job with this Deb, how many different plants can I use per planter?
It all depends on the size JohnMac you want a nice full planter but you don't want to overcrowd
Very lovely sweetheart
Thanks Aunty!
Good job DebH, nice pictures clear directions
Thnak you and thank you for your comment.
Very nice, I just did one of these it was so easy!
Glad you gave it a shot Bratillia, thanks for commenting.
very nice - I try to do this myself - had about five this year.
I really enjoyed doing these Beth. Thanks for commenting.
good instructable deb also instead of the regular potting mix that uses peat moss which is a non renewable resource mix compost with leaf mold has a great moisture holding capacity also its organic :)
So true Trees, thanks for your input!

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