Setting and Using Homing Switches for Industrial CNC Routers

Picture of Setting and Using Homing Switches for Industrial CNC Routers
While Limit switches are not required to operate your Industrial CNC Router System, enabling them for homing does give you the ability to have a repeatable home position, which is very handy if you're working with offsets, jigs, or any attachment. It also allows you to easily keep your soft limits working correctly if for any reason you lose coordinates.

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Step 1:

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There is one switch for each axis. You should be able to see them if you remove the cosmetic covers from the Left Side and over the spindle itself. The Y and Z Switches will trigger when they come close to the metal tab on those axes. Moving your axes to the Front (Y) Left (X) and Top (Z) will touch those tabs to the switches. If they don't touch, you may need to adjust them so they do.

Enabling the switches is done in Mach 3 by selecting "Config" from the top menu, selecting "Ports and Pins" from the Pull Down Menu, and then selecting the "Input Signals" Tab. You'll want to see that the rows marked  X Home, Y Home, and Z Home, are enabled with a green check mark. You will then assign each of these rows to "Port 1/Pin 10" as shown in this screenshot. Hit "Apply" and then "OK"

Step 2:

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You will then want to return to "Config" in the Top Menu and select "Homing Limits" From the Drop Down Menu" Make sure that "Auto Zero" is checked with a green Check for X, Y and Z rows as in this screenshot:
ulhasG9 months ago

i tried but considering my machine does not have home switches, thats why I want to set SOFTLIMITS>. and after moving machine to Left, UP,and front of table ,

enter values half of the overall travel length or which value you calculated to put in

Homing/softlimit table. please e-mail.

INDBrent (author) 1 year ago
Thanks for alerting me. Main image has been added now.