Everything in our world today is going wireless and WiFi is nothing new. However, there are may people who are still without it and if it is your first time creating your own personal wireless network, then these instructions will be perfect for you. Even if you have setup a network before on a wireless router you may not have using an apple AirPort Express. That was the boat I was in when i first had to setup a wireless network for my new apartment not too long ago. I had only used a Linksys in the past and ran into a few problems when switching to Apple. I thought I would create this tutorial to make everyone else's lives a little easy, so they do not run into all the problems I did.

This is a basic tutorial on how to setup an Apple router. I used a PC with cable internet when creating this tutorial, so if you are setting up your AirPort Express router on a MAC or another type of internet then it may look slightly different. It is still done almost the exact same, but if you are having difficulties then you might want to refer to another tutorial made specifically for MAC users or specific types of internet.

Step 1: Testing Your Internet

This step is the single most important step and could save you a ton of time and headaches. Plug your computer or laptop directly into your modem using an Ethernet cable. Start up your device and connect it to the internet. Everything should work properly and if it does not then you need to contact your internet provider.

*This was my main problem when I was setting my router up for the first time. I kept receiving errors and problems and after many troubleshooters I finally thought to check the internet by plugging directly into the modem with my laptop. Sure enough, the internet provider had not correctly activated the service for our apartment and the problem was fixed in minutes after a short phone call.*

Note: This step can be skipped if you are certain your internet is connected to your modem and both are working properly. For instance, if you used a wired connection from your modem to you PC before purchasing the router.
great info here! how do you think the apple router compares to linksys?

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