This simple Instructable is to show how to configure (set-up) MangoCube BLE Board (from Megavizon) with Arduino UNO or compatible board. It does not require any extra components or 5V to 3.3V logic level shifting.

Also no need for FTDI cable or other UART module, just Arduino UNO/compatible board is enough!

Step 1: Perform Loop-back Test

To check Arduino UNO serial connection, lets perform Loop-back Test.

  1. Connect the Arduino UNO/Compatible board with PC/Mac.
  2. Upload "Blink" sketch.
  3. Connect the Rx and Tx of Arduino UNO/compatible board together (short).
  4. Open 'Serial Monitor' from Tools menu.
  5. Make sure Baud rate is 115200Baud. (please use 115200 instead of 9600 for the production version on MangoCube BLE and BLE board)
  6. Make sure 'no line ending' is selected.
  7. Type 'a' and press 'Enter/Send'.

Result : you should be able to get 'a' written back in the serial monitor.
Your Loop-back test is a Success! This means your Arduino UNO/compatible board's Serial connection is working correctly and we can move on to the next step!

Step 2: Connecting Arduino UNO/compitable Board With MangoCube BLE Board

The MangoCube 's BLE (Bluetooth 4.0) board is super easy to use and compatible to both 5V and 3.3V logic level.
You can get one from here;

Follow the connections shown in the image.

Important: BLE boards's bRx pin connects with Rx pin of Arduino board!

After making the connection, you will see a Green LED blinking on BLE Board (assuming your Arduino board is powered up).

Step 3: Send AT Commands to Check the Settings


As shown in the Video first open Serial Monitor and type AT

you should get a response OK

Great! the connections are correct and lets move to next step.

Step 4: Perform 'Device Name' Test

(first open Serial Monitor if it not opened yet)

As shown in the Video and type AT+NAME?

you should get a response OK+Name:MangoCube

Great! the connections are correct and lets move to next step.

Step 5: Perform 'Device Role' Test

(first open Serial Monitor if it not opened yet)

As shown in the Video and type AT+ROLE?

you should get a response OK+Get:0

Great! The device is properly set up and can be used with BLE enabled device /Smart phone.

I saw your kikstarter for the mangocube and it's awesome! I cant wait until I can buy one :)
<p>Thanks, pleased to hear that!</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing this!</p>
<p>Your welcome, its a great product currently on Kickstarter<br><a href="https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/530456128/mangocube-the-pocket-sized-arduino-compatible-boar" rel="nofollow">https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/530456128/man...</a></p>

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