In this instruction I will go over how to set up the Raspberry Pi and boot it into NOOBS for the first time. It is important to understand how to set up all of the hardware and how to set up the actual operating system for the Raspberry Pi to ensure that everything works correctly. The only knowledge needed for this project will be a basic understanding of computers, both software and hardware, also Linux knowledge would be helpful but isn't necessary. This project takes about 1.5 - 2 hours to complete fully depending on computer speeds. This is a nice easy way to start learning how to use Linux and run open source projects and will help you to get into much more complicated processes very easily!

Step 1: Get Materials

The materials needed for this project will be:

  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse
  • SD Card
    • 8Gb or higher
    • Class 10 or higher
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Microusb power cable
    • A phone charging cable will do perfectly
  • HDMI Cable
  • Computer
    • SD Card Reader
    • Internet

(See Picture)

<p>TIP: If you are using the composite video output -- when you power up, press 3. Keep pressing 3 until a picture appears. NOOBS does not handle the situation where you have no HDMI connected, and happily sends the picture to the HDMI port leaving you looking at a blank (analog) screen. :)</p>
<p>Is this the same procedure for Raspberry Pi B+ ?</p>
<p>Yes it is. All of the same steps still apply. </p>
<p>Great introductory information for the Raspberry Pi! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community! </p>

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