Turning on and off your lights with a non-ir remote is really easier and cheaper then it looks and sounds. This how-to shows how to configure an x10 remote for 2 lights. Also shows using a label-making machine to label the remote.

Step 1: What Is X10, and What Is This Project About?

x10 is the next step towards home automation. Can you imagine opening your garage with a remote when you come home from work, and also turning on your lights wiht a different remote? Sounds like it would cost alot of money and technical understanding. But the truth is, and the x10 wiz people don't want' you to know this, it's easy to do and pretty cheap. I picked up this remote and 1 reciver for $20 at Radioshark. I got the other reciver later. they can be REALLY cheap on ebay.
x10 modules leak a small amount of current by design. This had no negative impact in a world of incandescents, but will cause CFL and LED bulbs to flicker even when they are turned off. You can hack the modules so that they will work with these bulbs by cutting a diode on the circuit board. Here's a link http://www.laureanno.com/x10-mod3.html
The user manual here will show how to program the house and unit codes to the wall switch. https://www.x10.com/ss13a.html
o wow i hav the same exact label maker, except for the label that says PAUL'S LABEL MAKER
I also have full source code for an x10 daemon program I wrote, which allows you to control your whole x10 system from a PC running Linux. Please let me know if anyone's interested, and I'll post the file in a new project
I'd like to see your X 10 code.
Yes, please. It would be much appreciated...
Take a look at www.x10.com. Each module shown above with the antenna can control up to 16 different functions and a 16 switch hand held remote and a 4 button key chain remote available, With the 16 numerical items there is also A to Z Alpha settings for a combined capability of 256 controllable functions using multiple Transceiver modules. You can even get a programmable TV remote with the X-10 controls on it. They also have a "Whole House" option which allows you to control things with your computer they can even control your house function by internet. X-10 also has a great line of remote cameras.
Fluorescent lamps can be turned on &amp; off by using an &quot;APPLIANCE MODULE&quot; instead of &quot;LAMP MODULE&quot; but they cannot be dimmed .<br/>I have pulled the appliance module apart &amp; removed the AC plug &amp; receptacle &amp; &quot;Hard wired&quot; the module into the fixture. I have also done the same thing with ceiling fans. See Geo's Instructable<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/ex/i/6A1D1BCECA231028A849001143E7E506/">https://www.instructables.com/ex/i/6A1D1BCECA231028A849001143E7E506/</a><br/>
Nice instructable! My only issue/disappointment with x10 is that it doesn't handle flourescent lightbulbs. So if the circuit you are controlling has some, plan on using incandescent bulbs instead. Otherwise, it will drive you NUTS!!!!
X10 Can handle fluorescents... I think there are issues with dimming fluorescents though. Just make sure it's a fluorescent compatible x10 module. I use three X10 items with fluorescents... two wall switches and a lamp plug module. Never had a prob.
Nice instruction! Isn't The first word in step 7 should be "mounting"?
See also my project here, about modifying your x10 wall switches to add local dimming capability:<br/><br/><a href="https://www.instructables.com/ex/i/6A1D1BCECA231028A849001143E7E506/">https://www.instructables.com/ex/i/6A1D1BCECA231028A849001143E7E506/</a><br/><br/>//Geo<br/>

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